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Automation Schedules

How Do You Schedule Automations for Every Week?

VMPower Automate VM Schedules execute on a weekly basis until you tell them to stop (by disabling the schedule, deleting the schedule, deleting the associated VM Group or removing the VMs in the associated VM Group).

Can I Select which VMs occupy a VM Slot?

Yes! You can click the 'VMPower Enabled' checkbox on the VM of choice. This will either allocate or deallocate VM slot to the VM. Once you make a VM 'VMPower Enabled' you can automate the VM as well as get resize and unused volume recommendation.


Can I pay via PO instead of a credit card?

Yes! However we require PO's to be made for annual subscriptions only. Please send us an email at to make arragments to pay by PO.

Where can I get my Invoice

You can view all of your invoices from the Invoices section within the Billing information page.